February, a round-up

– Almost 1000 clicks in February, thank you all.

– Winner of a food photography competition of Resto.be and a €100 coupon , thank you Resto.be

– and my first award, called “Liebster Blog Award”, thanks to “In Kell’s Kitchen”. The Liebster Blog Award is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers.*** Thank you, @inkellskitchen.

Now I have to give this award to some other bloggers. It was a hard decision, but these bloggers are worth mentioning. I hope you also like them.

Tarte Helene, a Belgian girl worth following. She loves to make cakes and pies. Every blog post is well explained and “decorated” with nice pictures.

Krakelings Kroken is a Dutch guy, who makes his own sausages and smokes meat. He also has his own little company called Wild Vleesch.

Brussels Foodie is a foodie living in Brussels. She loves exotic food like Indian, Brazilian, Basque, Ethiopian, Thai. She talks about her culinary discoveries in Brussels, so if you want to go eating in our Belgian capital, just follow her blog.

I have some goals for March. Here’s a little teaser…

1. Why did I need some much food?

2. How to make this plate?

3. a new best friend in the kitchen

*** I guess it’s 200 followers without all the social media followers like Facebook and Twitter.


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