What to do if …

Yesterday, one of my friends wanted to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately her favorite Italian is closed on Wednesday. So what to do if you’re favorite Italian is closed on your birthday? She asked Hot Cuisine de Pierre to cook at her place. I said “yes” and so yesterday I cooked for her and her 13 friends at her place.

She wanted to have different small dishes, so I made a meu with 8 different appetizers. I admit, it was an ambitious idea. I survived it though. I will share the recipes with you later this month. First of all, here’s the menu.

0. Vegetables with a spicy dip

1. Homemade pistachios and coriander pesto with special bread

2. Zucchini and parsley cappuccino with a touch of Gorgonzola

3. Goat cheese salad

4. Lamb burger with homemade chili ketchup

5. Cod and Salmon lasagna with a saffran and a sorrel sauce

6. Linguini with buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and rocket salad

7. Risotto with scallops

8. Ricotta with red fruit and hazelnut brésilienne

X. a little surprise gift for every guest

I admit, I had a lot of work and afterwards I was very tired. but they all liked all my dishes. So a happy friend and 14 happy women, that makes me a happy “wannabe” chef. Thanks to my girlfriend for helping with the gifts, to my friend JP for this opportunity and to her friends for their patience and more than all their entusiasm. More pictures and recipes will follow.

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