Spermalie: the world upside down

Last week, we were invited by our chefs to have dinner in Bruges. Together with 450 other students of the adult courses we enjoyed a wonderful 4 course meal. The food was prepared by the chefs, assisted by students of the one year course and students of the 4th year of secondary school. On the end of the evening we got our degree of the first year. I passed my first year. A round up of the best dishes and the best food pictures of my first year at Spermalie will follow next week. First, I show you the menu and the pictures of that evening in Bruges.

1. Slow cooked pigeon with “bavarois of peas and mint” (Wine: cuvée Spermalie)***

 I loved the presentation. It looked very good. I expected a hot pigeon, though. It was a bit strange to eat a cold pigeon.

2. Baby lobster with asperagus and basil (Wine: Jané Ventura, Penedès, 2011)***

Great combination of lobster and fresh basil. Basil is just one of my favorite herbs.

3. Lamb (Dutch: Lamsnootjes) with turtle herbs (Dutch: schildpadkruiden), edamame (a kind of bean), quinoa with sushi vinegar, little salad and a couscous croquette (Chäteau Guiraud-Grimard, Côtes de Bourg, 2006)***

This dish was one of my two favorite dishes of the evening. I liked the presentation, but also the taste. The couscous croquette was delicious. The meat was perfect, although it could be a little bit more warm. I know that it’s not easy to cook for 450 serves, so I will not play a strict referee. I still can’t do it better than they did. So, I don’t have the right to criticize. It’s a recipe of the second year, created by Stefan De Smedt. Looking forward to learn how to make this.

4. Combination of rhubarb, strawberry and coconut biscuit***

You know I’m a dessert lover. That’s not the reason why this dish was my favorite dish of the evening, though. Look at that plate, look at that presentation! You have to admit that it looks awesome. Unfortunately, this is a dish of the third year. Not only the presentation was great. Also the taste and the flavors were ok. The little cheese cake, the biscuit and the macaron were delicious. The brésilienne had a surprising touch. It contained fizzy sugar. So you got a unexpected (little) explosion in your mouth. Just one word: delicious! If one of the Spermalie chefs can tell me what the little sausage was, feel free to answer.


 We had a great evening. It was a great year, but more about the last year in one the following posts.

***Note: I had some problems to translate the menu. If someone can help me, feel free to do it.


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