Project “Survival of the Herbest”

I accepted a new challenge. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I, we went to the “Bloemenmarkt”, a weekly flower market every Sunday in Ghent. There we bought some flowers, but also seven different eatable herbs. Because we live in an apartment, we only have a little terrace. I cleaned it and planted the herbs in small flower pots. It was probably the first time in my life I really “gardened”, or let say “terraced”. I’m proud of my tiny garden, though.

Of course, it’s autumn now and the Belgian winter will probably arrive in less more than a month. However, the goal is to keep my “little green and tasteful babies” as long as possible. It would be great if they could survive the first three months. The longer they survive, the longer I can use them in my dishes. I prefer to use herbs from my own instead of buying them in a shop. It’s hard to keep herbs alive in a city, but I’ll do my best. I will regularly give you an update about the health of my plants. Let’s call this project “Survival of the Herbest”. Which herb will survive the winter? Here are the candidates.

To launch “Survival of the Herbest” and because I’m exactly one year old, I’m organising a little contest. Who can give the names of all the herbs? Write their names in a comment on my blog. The winner will be that person who has the most correct answers. He or she will get a jar with homemade green pesto.*** A green challenge desserves a green gift, isn’t? Just know that the herbs are not the most common ones. Some of them are probably unknown. So, good luck with it…

To my Dutch readers (Aan mijn Nederlandstalige lezers): Om mijn project “Survival of the herbest” te lanceren en omdat ik net 1 jaar ben, organiseer ik een kleine wedstrijd. Schrijf de namen van de zeven kruiden in een reactie. Wie het meeste antwoorden juist heeft, krijgt een potje zelfgemaakte – uiteraard groene – pesto toegestuurd. Het zijn onbekende kruiden, het is maar dat je het weet…

*** I will also send it to foreign countries.

6 thoughts on “Project “Survival of the Herbest”

  1. in volgorde van verschijning: (denk ik)

    2/oregano of marjolijn (afhankelijk van de smaak, is moeilijk te zien op foto)
    4/3-kleurig viooltje

    Is er ook een prijs voor degene die het eerste heeft geantwoord? 🙂

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